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Love Sudoku? Have you ever thought of playing with images instead of numbers? Try it!

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This summer have fun with the whole family with our free pack.

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It’s all Greek Alphabet to me!

Not Classic Sudoku but Classical Sudoku. Enjoy the Greek alphabet version and impress your friends!

  • Visual aides help with identifying those tricky images.
  • You'll receive notification when things are going well - and when they're not!
  • And there's always a helpful Hint assist should you need a tile revealed.
Facedoku Greek Gameplay
Facedoku Classic Gameplay

Classic, Classy Sudoku

Yes, you can always fall-back to the old and trusted favourite style of Sudoku.

  • You can even create your own Sudoku game with your own images.
  • Pictures and images can be interchanged.
  • Fed up with playing the game with the US Presidents, just switch to the English Monarchs.

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